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What is Hive Rise?

Hive Rise is a high speed real time strategy game full of action. The ideal pastime!

Compete for free against thousands of other players and decorate yourself with great trophies!


2023 – After the wars between enemy nations had gradually come to an end at the beginning of the 21 century, somebody had to make sure the supply of senseless violence didn't stop altogether. The solution: Hive Rise! MB6-892 Questions The TV show that features bored millionaires, car tinkerers and retired generals competing in a paramilitary arms race.


On the huge battlefield somewhere in the desert sand the enemy camps lie neatly lined up. From there the teams march out with highly specialized mercenaries and the latest military equipment to give each other hell.

Don't miss out when it's time for each against all, you against the others and all against YOU!


  • High Speed Strategy
  • Thousands of Players
  • Huge Maps
  • Play with your Buddies
  • Tactical Depth
  • 12 Play Modes
  • Cool Upgrades
  • Collect Trophies
  • Watch Game Replays
  • Listen to Web Radio in Game

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Current Best Matches

Dranzer312 14,891
Billyboy 21,286
Jens12345 6,315
Loma Jimmie 24,270
Fildakor 21,265
Juniorx 7,400
Douglas Brandao 6,450
Diablo666 16,390
Diablo666 14,345
Matureshadow2 3,120
Vasco Lima 24,846
Diablo666 192,450
Tunnelblick 19,385
Match Details from ...h:
units destroyed
buildings destroyed
units lost
buildings lost
minutes survived


11/16/09 Hive Rise just got nominated for the german developer award 2009!
09/28/09 Facelifting: New navigation bar on the Hive Rise website!
09/22/09 Our creative competition is over and we've found the 3 winners of 1,000,000 coins!
09/18/09 Last chance for 1,000,000 coins! You have only 3 days left to submit your works of art to our competition.
09/01/09 The Hive Rise League left the beta today and got improved by a new direct match feature.
08/25/09 The Hive Rise League has been started! Compete with the best now!
08/12/09 The native Hive Rise Linux Client has been released today!
08/10/09 Besides new radio stations from #Musik we have improved stability and compatibility with GeForce5-Cards.
08/06/09 Ingame Chat now available! See the Hotkeys!
08/05/09 We have summarized all upgrades with videos on a fancy page: Click here!




Ingame Radio Gold Partner

Ingame Radio Partner

  • Frozen-Radio - Internet Audio Broadcasting
  • javaBeats
  • SLAY Radio
  • Techno4ever - Trust Your DJ
  • Top100Station




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